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Creating successful copy across all media is like dripping honey on a bowlful of Cheerios...

... delicious.

Current: Developing content for Bay Area leaders and exciting start-ups with web copy, app copy, social media, branding, case studies and more. See LinkedIn.

Recent: The Metropolitan Transportation Commission Serving the transportation needs of 7 million people in the Bay Area every year.

Task: Complete rehaul and redesign of MTC's website, from top to bottom, back-end and front-end. I was hired as the content strategist and writer.

Here are 3 samples from the hundreds of pages I assessed, edited or rewrote:

> MTC's old Home page.

> MTC's old Climate Change page.

> MTC's old Smart Parking page.

My challenge: I was tasked with incorporating federal and state regulations and nuances while speaking to the needs of the general public. I was asked to ramp up quickly on the value and importance of MTC's work - and understand several dozen topics and issues that are at the core of the MTC organization. My instructions were to review existing pages (roughly 1,000), delete outdated material, and rewrite content to be valuable and accessible.

My accomplishments: Crafted copy highlighting MTC's important work and how it affects the public's daily lives and their commutes; gently pushed the MTC culture toward value-added copy under responsive design constraints (less = more); absorbed material and reduced content from 1,000 pages to 300 to create structure and content that was accessible and meaningful; contributed to successful copy presentation with design and engineering during Drupal development; added strategic value to the team across many facets of the development cycle (design, IA, CMS, post launch maintenance, etc.); worked with MTC writers on usability tenets and best practices for crafting successful copy; and finally, developed MTC's first web editorial style guide (.doc will download).

> MTC's new website went live December 2015.

****** More Portfolio Samples

Ghost writer for this Customer Relationship Management (CRM) blog at CRMswitch.com, for the Director of Marketing at ProsperWorks.

Worked with senior executives from Invisalign, as content developer and copywriter, to develop an iPad app. Task was to create an app that its sales team could use during one-on-one presentation with orthdontists.

McKesson Pharmaceuticals: I worked with McKesson to ideate and find better user-experience solutions for target audience on the Alternate Site Pharmacy Solutions website. Concepted infographics, and created white paper and email campaigns.

The Mina Group: Reviewed disparate web pages, internal marketing material and numerous videos to craft and refine Chef Mina's "About" page to adhere to the "who" of this well known chef.

The California Dentists' Guild: I developed IA and global nomenclature, created 100% of copy, concepted diagrams, deployed content via CMS. Tasked with creating a more market-based approach to increase conversions.

Ecommerce copy for Marine Layer. An up-and-coming hip clothing store.

Affiliate marketing campaign for LivePerson: Tasked with getting affiliates to join.

Your Online Ad is Boring: Published this article in the Texas Bar Journal emphasizing good marketing tenets.

The Bay Area Lyme Foundation: Developed initial IA and global nomenclature, created/edited all copy, read and reviewed books on Lyme, advised on successful web tenets for copy, advised junior associate on Social Media tenets, deployed content via CMS.

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